Abyssal Horrors cards will feature a rarity system like other card games and it is based off of the loot system found in many MMO type games. The card background is purple, but the frame changes colour based on the rarity. The more common the card type, the higher the supply. As you go down the rarity list, they become few in number and eventually you reach the cards that are completely unique.








A special touch that both Unique and Promo cards have are their backgrounds of gold and turquoise, respectively. This helps you show off your most prized cards to your opponents so you can throw them off their game due to seething jealousy. All kidding aside, it's to make them feel even more special.

Founders Set

The Founders Set is features 24 cards that will never again be minted. Once they're gone, they're gone. It will consist of 20 FT (fungible tokens) with a very limited supply and 4 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) which means four lucky mints will mean having the only copies of those cards that will ever exist. The full set can be seen below.

Founders Compilation - Flipped.png

Promo 2022 Set

The Promo 2022 Set is an ongoing collection that contains cards minted for special events, such as pre-mind bonuses, collaborations and community airdrops. Currently it consists of three cards. The policy ID for the Promo 2022 set will remain unlocked until the end of 2022 as more cards may be added, but the existing supply of already released promo cards will not be altered.