Abyssal Horrors is a card game built on the Cardano blockchain utilising both fungible and non-fungible tokens. Mint your cards and destroy your enemies.



What is Abyssal Horrors?
Abyssal Horrors is a play to earn (P2E) card game on the Cardano blockchain that makes use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (FTs) to build decks and compete.

When does the project mint?

4th April 2022, 5pm UTC.

How much will minting cost?
20 ADA per card.

What is the supply of the Founders Set?

There are six different rarities across twentyfour different cards with the following supplies:

  • 500 of each of the 6 commons (grey)

  • 400 of each of the 5 uncommons (green)

  • 300 of each of the 4 rares (blue)

  • 200 of each of the 3 epics (purple)

  • 100 of each of the 2 legendaries (red)

  • 1 of each of the 4 uniques (gold)

This brings the total supply of Founders Set cards to 7004.


What will funding be used for?

Hiring team members. At the bare minimum, I want to hire a programmer for the game to begin with. Other important roles I’ll be looking to recruit is a dedicated Cardano developer, another pixel artist to take some of the burden off of myself, somebody to work on illustrations for promotional material and a musician for in-game music.

When does the game launch?
The artwork for the game is currently in development. The initial Founders collection of NFTs and FTs that will be minted will be used to fund further development.

What do the cards do?
Initially the Founders Set cards will grant access to the Founders role in Discord. Founders will be granted access to behind-the-scenes details before it becomes public. There will also be special airdrops of exclusive cards for Founders. Please note that promo cards do not grant eligibility for airdrops.

Once the game gets off the ground, the cards will be used to build your deck. The full ruleset will be continually in development and will be adapted based on community feedback.

Is it pay to play?

No. There will be free off-chain cards that can be used in game. You can use your on-chain cards to make your deck better and slowly replace free cards with better ones.

What comes after the Founders Set?
Development can be properly budgeted and work can begin on the first base set for the game, Dark Origins. The Founders Set and Dark Origins will both be usable in-game, alongside a batch of free cards (that will not be minted on the blockchain) to play the game.

Will there be reprints if a series is sold out?
Once a series is out of print, it remains out of print. The Founders Set will be a small mint to raise funds, but the minted cards won't necessarily be better than future cards as that would unfairly affect the balance of a game. Future sets will have a much larger mint, but again, once it sells out it will remain sold out.

Will the policies lock?

If so, when? For normal sets, approximately six months after creation. For Promo sets, there'll be a new Promo set every year, e.g. Promo 2022, Promo 2023, etc. These will lock on the final day of each year.


Will there be seasons?

Yes. Seasons are currently planned and will be themed around new sets of boosters approximately every six months.


How will cards be balanced?

Card stats are not on the blockchain, so cards can be rebalanced in-game. There will be a governance mechanic for this, but the exact method is undecided. It will likely involve input from both team members and the community. It isn't in the interest of Abyssal Horrors to change cards on a whim, so rest assured that this will be taken seriously should the need to rebalance occur.


What platforms will the Abyssal Horrors CCG be available for?

Initially, desktop users. Afterwards, we'd love to develop a mobile app for accessibility. I also like that a mobile app would make it easy for friends to play together in-person without carrying around a deck of cards.

How to earn with Abyssal Horrors?

When the game launches, there will be a token launch that’ll serve as an in-game currency. Full details and distribution methods to be planned in greater detail as we approach the launch.

Can I earn NFTs and FTs in-game?

Yes, that’s an important part of the plans for the game.

Is the game single-player or multiplayer?

I’m aiming for both. Single-player to begin with, followed by multiplayer where you can compete against friends, get involved in tournaments with prizes, etc.

Can I earn through single-player?

That’s part of the current plan, but I don’t intend for it to be as lucrative as multiplayer. That’s subject to change based on feedback.

Where can I find more information about the lore of Abyssal Horrors?

Check out the lore page on Discord. I’ll also be writing short stories (and possibly even a novella) that will be printed through Amazon KDP at some point in the near future.